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"A Sad Love Song (Wadiya's Song)" (Digital)

"A Sad Love Song (Wadiya's Song)" (Digital)

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  • Philadelphia, USA
  • 2011

/// All proceeds will go to Mumia’s defense ///

We must consider what such a composition represents. Mumia did not know solfeggio and his initiation was made thanks to a teacher who came to visit him, through the triple safety glass, without instrument and without partition… The sequel was the business of the french pianist and composer Alain Jean-Marie who took over the orchestration, together with the singer Morena Fattorini and four other musicians. All agreed to give up their rights to the defense.

Mumia dedicated this song to his wife Wadiya, but beyond that it is addressed to all those who fight for a world without death penalty, without prison, a world of justice, love and beauty.

Wadiya died from a heart attack on 27th december 2022.

  • Piano & arrangement : Alain Jean-Marie
  • Vocal : Morena Fattorini
  • Bass : Michel Rosciglione
  • Percussions : Roger Raspail
  • Drums : John Betsch
  • Cello : Mathias Allamane
  • Collage Art : Aaron Marin (Neutokyo)
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