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"The Incredible The Invisible" (Vinyl)

"The Incredible The Invisible" (Vinyl)

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  • Greece
    • 2022

    "Sometimes sultry, sometimes fiery, sometimes rocking, sometimes rapping and sometimes she sounds like one of the old soul divas. It's amazing what this woman can get out of her throat. She seems to be able to do almost anything. Strange guys, those Greeks. A beautiful album indeed". OOR, Alex van der Hulst. Produced by Blend Mishkin.


    01. Skintro
    02. Invisible / Kill The Bitch You Got In Ya
    04. Bad Tooth
    05. The Incredible
    06. Dynamite
    07. Blush
    08. Lost That Lovin' Feeling
    09. Beat Junkie
    10. The Stink
    11. Big Jello Boy
    12. Golden Chain
    13. No Roof
    14. Business Creep


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